Tot Stof Shroud


Saying farewell to a loved one is hard but a beautiful farewell could bring some comfort.
TOT STOF creates shrouds that reflect the life that has been.

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Materials: paper and fabric

Where most people are taken to their final resting place in a coffin, there is also the option to wrap the deceased in a shroud. A warm way that can contribute to a nice farewell. The shrouds of TOT STOF were designed by artist Debora van der Vliet and carry a personal story. It surrounds your loved one with beautiful fabrics on which you see collages that depict life and its transience.

In addition to this shroud, there is also the option of having a personal design made. Together we will look at memorable moments in your life and / or beautiful images that will give you a warm feeling. Then I will create a piece of art with these elements. This artwork is digitized and printed on your shroud. Surrounded by your story you go to your final resting place. The story is then complete with all its words, images and symbols.
The original piece of art is a dear memory for the relatives who can get a nice place in their home.